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<<< I'll let all of you know when they get back to me and what they say about all of this. >>>

Please do. It's an intriguing problem.


It's been over three days since I replied to Tech Support's response to the original email I sent them about this issue and asked them to revisit it, but I still haven't heard back from them. How much longer should I wait for them to write me back before I either write them again or give them a call?

I'd send them a gentle reminder email in the morning.

Charlie, I just sent Tech Support the following email:

"Hi Joe,

I'm writing you again to follow up on the status of your investigation into an issue that I initially contacted you about a week ago today. Though you did reply to my original email last Monday, I wrote you again on Tuesday because the information you provided in your reply did not directly address RealBand's implementation of the Band in a Box track generation algorithm. Instead, it focused on Band in a Box itself and presented a workaround to the 255 bar limit using Band in a Box. Because I already have my own Band in a Box workaround that is more suitable than yours for the types of instrumental arrangement demos I'm creating for songs that exceed the 255 bar limit and because I have the impression from another RealBand user (whose user name is jazzmammal) that RealBand is your solution to the 255 bar limit in Band in a Box, I would like you to take a closer look at the problem in RealBand that I'm presenting to you by reading through the discussion I started in the Windows RealBand product forum with the same title as this email. Only then will you understand why I contacted you in the first place about this problem and why I am following up with an additional reply to your only email reply to my original email. In addition, because it has been several days longer than the typical reply time of 0-2 days that is mentioned in your auto-reply email, I want to make sure that this issue isn't being inadvertently neglected. Though I've already provided these to you in both of my previous emails, below are links to the discussion I started in the Windows RealBand product forum along with two other related links.


Thanks for your assistance with this issue.


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