GM (General Midi) was mentioned but I'll expand on it a bit. GM is an industry standard list of instruments. This is so midi files will play the same way on all systems. Patch one, piano is the same patch for everybody. This makes it very convenient but the quality of that sound depends on what GM synth you use. All Windows systems have a built in Wavetable GM synth. Since it's free you get what you pay for. Biab uses GM as the default so if you're using a GM synth all the instruments in a midi style will match up and you don't have to do anything. You hit Play and you hear the sounds.

Sounds great, right? Yes BUT...GM is also very limited. You get two acoustic piano's, Standard Grand and Bright. A commercial NON GM synth like Sampletank or Kontakt for example can have 40 pianos of all different types like German grands, Japanese grands, jazz pianos, rock pianos, uprights, etc. etc. It's the same for all instruments. For guitars you get a ton of different guitar types right down to the type of strings. GM can't give you any of that. You get a couple of generic guitars and that's it. If you're using a non GM synth all it means is you get to manually select which instrument you want to use, it's not simply plug and play like GM is.

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