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Hi Noel,

I feel embarrassed that this masterpiece of music slipped under my radar for so many days... so sorry!

It really is a masterpiece show-casing your talent for song writing, arrangement and producing unforgettable melodies.

And your vocal performance is just outstanding... I wish I had just a little bit of your talent for singing.

You are one of the artists that makes this forum a "must-visit" place for me!


Hi Will,

Thanks for dropping in. Rest assured that there is nothing to feel embarrassed about. I never have expectations regarding who does or who does not visit my threads. The forum is a very busy place and I know from my own experiences that it's quite a challenge trying to keep up with it all. If it's any consolation, at the moment I'm feeling REALLY guilty because I'm two songs behind in commenting on floyd's works....

Thanks for the really positive thoughts, too. I'm very grateful for those.

I don't see myself as a good singer at all. It's something that I've struggled a lot with over the years. One day a few years back, I just thought "What the heck!" and decided if I'm going to sing, I'll do it with lots of bravado and try to fake it: as the saying goes, I might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. So I turned on "sheep" mode for my next song, boldly faced the microphone and gave performing the song my all, recorded eight takes, comp'd a final vocal track from the eight takes and fixed up any wonky notes with Reaper's Reatune.... and I have never looked back smile You should try it!

Thanks again for taking the time,