<<< The book expertly details how to begin "Thinking in terms of parts and arrangements". "How to organize your Hard Drive and Folders..." and about "Comping Tracks". And pretty much everything else from A-Z regarding mixing. >>>

I hope you do eventually get the book. Fett is well known and has worked with major artists but is also known for helping home recordists as well. He has done seminars for TAXI at their annual Road Rally.

I highlighted those three chapters specifically because I think they are key to helping you streamline your personal workflow. You won't have to start something from scratch but only modify things you seem to be doing.

Thinking of song writing, arranging and structure in parts and sections really opens avenues for creative experimenting, trying various ways to non destructively hear your song in various structural configurations. I believe you will find it makes editing your work so much easier.

Learning to organize your files will help you keep track of everything and you will always be able to retrieve older versions of edits if you need them.

Whether you compose or edit in a DAW or BIAB/RB, you'll find out comping is a magical technique to both.

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