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EDIT: Y'all posted to ignore BIAB while I was writing this...… Ignore it if you want but it's a different take on BIAB than most people give. wink

Thanks, Charlie, for sharing these insights. I'm not going to ignore any of your posts on BiaB or on anything else, for that matter because your contributions to this discussion have always been very informative and worth reading. My comment about ignoring BiaB was primarily intended for Silvertones who seems to get irritated whenever someone mentions BiaB because he's not interested discussing or even in reading about BiaB---especially because RB is the primary focus of this thread and this forum. So, I'm just trying to be an all-inclusive peacemaker (if such a thing is possible).cool

It's obvious from all of your posts and especially from this one that your knowledge of and experience in using BiaB is very extensive, which is admirable. However, I'm wondering if you ever do use RB and, if so, under what circumstances would you find it more beneficial to use RB instead of BiaB?

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