LOL, yea, I made my post and saw the earlier posts and I'm like No, no, no

I spent a bit of time writing my post up and wasn't about to just delete it...

I understand what everyone was saying about all the posts getting jumbled and discussions going off on various little trails.

I made my post edit in large bold letters in good humor, not upset at all --

In fact, i'd come back to the thread to copy/paste some comments made in the FAQ by Dr. Gannon at the release of 2019 about some of those features I discuss above.

Here's his Q & A comments:

Q. I’d like to be able to make styles that have more than 7 instruments.

A. We now added the ability to have up to 70 instruments, which is 10x the usual limit. This is accomplished by using the Medley feature which has been added to the StyleMaker. You can select up to 10 RealTracks for each of the seven instrument slots. You can assign volumes to each one (using dB offsets).

Q. I use the Medley feature, to make medleys of RealTracks, but there’s no way to control relative volumes of each RealTracks. The Sax soloist might be louder than the mandolin soloist – what to do?

A. We’ve added a volume control to each of the Medley RealTracks.

Q. I’d like to make styles with instruments that change during the style. For example, I might want the bass track to change from one funk groove to another, every part marker.

A. We’ve added medleys to the StyleMaker. So you can have different bass RealTracks on the bass track, changing each part marker if you want.


When you're using BIAB for inspiration or to jumpstart song ideas - The BIAB version of the StyleMaker can't be beat. The StyleMaker along with the Medley feature and applying multi track techniques provide super fast opportunities to audition RealTracks, sketch out ideas, experiment with various instruments without technology, menus, creating new tracks, labels, etc ever interrupting the creative flow if it's going.

The BIAB version of the StyleMaker includes a additional Play radio button that allows the selected Style, midi, supermidi or RealTrack or one the combo Styles or Medley Style to play over your Chord Progression populating the Main Scree Chord Chart, tempo (if specified), Key and Progression.

It's amazing and enlightening how different from the Style Demo the Style can sound over your Chord Progression. Try it for sure. Select any Style in the BIAB StylePicker and audition the large Play Radio Button and it will play a selection of the Style song Demo. The smaller Play Radio Button will play the Style over your Chords. The difference will amaze you.

BIAB Ultra Pak+ 2024:RB 2024, Latest builds: Dell Optiplex 7040 Desktop; Windows-10-64 bit, Intel Core i7-6700 3.4GHz CPU and 16 GB Ram Memory.