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We seem to have concluded that BB and RB can be used to do anything and everything in regards to composing an opus, but... we still has the problem with the 255 bar limit and "Glitch and erroneous chord change occurring between bar 240 and bar 241 " has never been resolved?

Did we resolve anything in all this discussion? crazy . I certainly hope you guys have been having fun at least.

Oh, yeah, we're having lots of fun riding this horse, but for some reason, it keeps going around in circles.laugh

But to answer your question: Unfortunately, the original issue and topic of this thread has not been resolved. How can it be resolved if Tech Support isn't willing to look into it. I've only received one reply from Joe in TS, and that was a week ago. Plus, as I mentioned in my post about his reply, he didn't even say anything about RB or about this issue. So, I wrote him back that day or the next day and even followed up with another email two days ago, but all I've heard since last Tuesday is the sound of crickets and the wind blowing across the New Mexico desert.frown

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