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We seem to have concluded that BB and RB can be used to do anything and everything in regards to composing an opus, but... we still has the problem with the 255 bar limit and "Glitch and erroneous chord change occurring between bar 240 and bar 241 " has never been resolved?

Did we resolve anything in all this discussion? crazy . I certainly hope you guys have been having fun at least. grin

Actually I did show how to resolve the 255 bar limit in my post on 6/17/19 8:43am and included a photo. The technique overcomes the bar limitation and the instability causing the erroneous glitch.

Both you and Muzikluver seemed to have missed it which indicates most others did too. I'll come back later and post the answer if you or Muzikluver haven't gone back and looked then returned here and posted the answer. I'm still having fun now... happy hunting. wink wink wink

EDIT: I think I solved it. I'll experiment tonight to test the theory.

I found and re-read your post. The time shown on my monitor is 5:43 am, which would have been Pacific time. The focus of your post was on the use of BiaB to generate sections of a song and then to progressively insert those sections into RB as the full-length song is being developed. The reason I didn't mention your post is that it doesn't mention the 255 bar limit specifically or the glitch and erroneous chord change at the 240/241 bar boundary in RB. Also, my understanding of your post is that you were presenting it as a workaround to all three of these issues rather than as an actual solution to them because BiaB and RB are being used in your post's example in such a way that avoids these three issues. Plus, because the focus of this thread is on the glitch and the erroneous chord change in RB that occurs during RB's generation of an arrangement for a song that has more than 255 (or 240?) bars in it, that's why I said that these issues weren't resolved. Instead, your post presents procedural steps for use in RB that will prevent these issues from being manifested.

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