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Yeah!! One of the best instrumentals I've heard on this site, just outstanding! Definitely hearing a Shadows vibe.

Excellent composition from your friend and a wonderful job on the track from you.

Very much enjoyed this one, well done!

Hi Dave
Thank you for your kind summary. As written it was a LOT heavier but I wanted a lighter, "Shadows" feel to it. I think it worked.
Hans is not a well boy at the moment and has given up playing the guitar as he can neither sit for long or work his fingers like he used to. The Devil is Old Age! Back in the 60's he was a band member of a well known (in Germany) Beat Group.
The tracks came easily - I started out with BLANK-STY, figured out the chords using the Acoustic Guitar RT and then built up from there.

Old Guys Rule.The older I get,the better I was!
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