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Here is a link to the .seq file of Tom's 332 bar song with the version of RB I have. Just his file, 2 RT and 1 RD all properly sewn together.Took me 5 min.

I don't know what's going on with this file, but it couldn't have been created from the song I sent you. My song has 327 bars, including a 2-bar lead in before the chords start. Also, my song is in the key of G. This song begins on a D/E chord in bar 0 and ends on a C chord in bar 241. When I opened this file, I got an "exception error" message in RB that suggested I shut down the program and restart it. Also, there are no tracks in the Tracks window. My version of RB appears to be (2). So, should I update mine to V4 (the same as yours) to be able to properly open your file?

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