You always, always want to use the latest version. It should have been the first thing you did before starting this thread. AND that info should be included in your sig so anybody trying to help you knows you're on the latest version. I see you don't even have RB listed. AND, you also want to include the details of your computer, other software, audio/midi interfaces, all that stuff like what's in my sig.

Does Support know you're not running the latest version?


Biab/RB latest build, Win 11 Pro, Ryzen 5 5600 G, 512 Gig SSD, 16 Gigs Ram, Steinberg UR22 MkII, Roland Sonic Cell, Kurzweil PC3, Hammond SK1, Korg PA3XPro, Garritan JABB, Hypercanvas, Sampletank 3, more.