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Nice one..chorus is Brilliant, lyrics strong write, vocals are strong clear and suit this genre to a T.

I agree with Floyd on the brightness, and I found it a bit busy instrument wise.

Your voice would have been more prominent with less going on, as you have a strong clear vocal so why bury it.

This is a constructive critique and I hope you take it as that.

Enjoyed this.


Hey Beatmaster,

Thanks for the listen and kind words,

not offended but noooooooo!!!

let me indulge by piling on the tracks, I usually do sparse arrangements

I want this to sound like a train comin' thru

there are some dynamics with things dropping in and out

I noticed the Soundcloud visual looks almost maxed out all thru,

maybe it normalized (whut) when it also messed up my lead vocal!

thank you for the compliments