Hi everybody,

haven't been here for a long time, because being a regular member to more than one forum (I'm around the User showcase quite a lot) takes more time than I have. I hope that you're not mad at me and will nevertheless help me with your RB expertise.

I bought the KLI version of Funk Soul Horns 2 (i. e. for usage with Kontakt 5) a couple of days ago, because it seemd to offer an enormous lot.

I do know how to use Kontakt with samples like Vintage Horns etc. but I don't get how that FSH2 software must be used.

What I can do:

Connecting an RB MIDI track to Kontakt 5 and then drag a FSH2 .nki file into it, so I can edit the loops.

Before I bought the thing I had thought that it would bounce the edited loop into a WAV that I could drag/drop into an RB audio track (comparable to drawing a drum pattern from a drum pattern generator into an RB MIDI track), but this is not possible.

Embarrassingly enough, I have to admit that I don't have the slightest idea how to get any edited loop into RealBand.

There seems to be no manual at all, so I contacted Big Fish's (very friendly and fast) support, but what they told me doesn't help me at all - they never worked with RealBand and thus don't know if RB can do that, too, but they said thatm most DAWs can record a plug-in (which, of course, would be the solution).

No idea if RB can do that, too, but my respective attempts led to absolutely no result (apart from wrecked nerve,s that is).

Maybe one of you guys has some experience in using FSH2 (or other softwaare workling with KLI).

Thanks a lot in advance for your kind support !!!!