I don't normally use any known chord progressions. But on a local forum, there was a contest for songs using Folia rotation. I made the Finnish language version of this song for the contest. It uses Folia in verses, with some small additions and ending the verse in major chord, because I believe that Folia means merrymaking in Portuguese and the message of this song is cheerful. While having fun, I went further by using Miles Davis Tune Up progression in the chorus. And on top of that all, each verse is modulated upwards laugh

The lyrics were inspired by artistic freedom - to do whatever you want, despite all the critics and the humorless perfection seekers. Also by quotes likes "the goal is that life would become more free and happier, free of grudge and negative thinking", "People think that what if somebody laughs or someone thinks that this is not a good thing. Many skills that could delight others remain hidden", "I'm an artist to be free". One inspiration was also the human trumpet instrument which I found in VST AntiDrum machine and wanted use it in this Song, just for fun. Well, listeners didn't like it that much, for some reason wink

So, here is finally the English version. For international listeners, I have softened the language and used much much less the human trumpet. So actually I have self-censored myself, which is perhaps against the message of this song, but I hope you'll thank me for that and enjoy this friendlier version smile

RealDrums: BodhranCelticJig

Acoustic Bass #1161
Electric Bass #2610
Ukulele #1143
Acoustic Guitar Picking #2440
Acoustic Guitar Solo #2405
Electric Guitar #447
Electric Piano #2198
Horn Section #2592

Strings in Michel1.STY (VST The Orchestra)
AntiDrum Machine/Human Trumpet

Vocals: Janne S

Mixed in Cakewalk by BandLab


Freedom means to be
uncontrolled, an artist your own way
you can express your inner self
even when you cannot play.
Let words come straight out of your mouth
use your band in a box
set the plugins of your choice
adjust the volume knobs.

I'm here to modulate
not your life to regulate
I don't want to speculate
is it right to flatulate.
Decency falls apart
here's a message from my heart
I can use a word like fart
that's the beauty in my art.

I don't want rules, conditions
to limit the freedom of my speech
norms can cause me neurosis
demands make my guts screech.
I don't care about critique
telling me that I have sinned
without grudge, guilt or shame
I can go on breaking wind.

I'm here to modulate...

Many freaks are trying
to play like all the biggest names
by soloing they want to show off
in anguish seeking fame.
What's the point of mimicking
duly shredding, flawlessly
I just use my heart and wit
don't expect perfection from me.

I'm here to modulate...

Please understand my hobby
it's just a fun activity
don't judge this simple amateur
boost thinking positively.
The chains of music business needs
or the pressure to be hip
won't choke me, I am free of
trends and censorship.

I'm here to modulate...