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Hey Deacon,

This is epic man! I loved what you did with this, and all the use of tracks and the mixing. Excellent.

I also love that picture. Is that where you live? I have some friends in Tel Aviv and have always wanted to visit.

This pictures puts me in the mood to make an epic journey!!!


Maybe I will find myself at last.

Thank you so much David!

This is the view from my porch in Eilat (southernmost Israel, about 6 and 11 kilometers from Jordan and Egypt, respectively).

It's not Tel Aviv (it's about a 4 hour drive from Tel Aviv or 1/2 hour flight from Ben Gurion airport), but it's widely recognized to have the best coral reefs in the northern hemisphere...as well as many other breathtaking places to visit!

They just opened up a new airport about 20-25 minutes away that accommodate international airlines, so visiting from the US and other parts of the world is now much easier.

If you (or any of the other of the lovely folks here on the forums, for that matter) do ever end up visiting here, I would be absolutely thrilled to meet up and hang out. There's a bar here with a great open mic every Monday night!
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