Hi all,
I've composed this music like a tribute to Buena Vista Social Club.
Patrick Fournerat has written french lyrics and he sings.
He is telling his memories of one travel on Amazon river.


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Here's an approximate translation :

Faded by the rain,
the river has changed color.
Everything becomes black and gray.
I can not hear the howler monkeys anymore.
Odor of humidity
and immobile forests;
alone in the dark,
the yellow eyes of crocodiles.

Transamazonia, Manaus, Santarem.
Transamazonia, Belem terminus.
sailing on the Amazon ...

Carried by the current,
the pirogue undulates gently
on the way to the east
in the spotlight.
Morning butterflies
with subtle colors
and childish games
of pink dolphins so slender.

The morning mist
left the place for the sun.
In the vegetable hell,
the din of the wake up.
The tired faces
by a sticky night
will be rewarded.
Nature is generous.

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