Hi all,

Been travelling again for quite a while, which has kept me away from the forum,
but back now long enough to rush out this offering.
This started out as a demo in Realband, but eventually all the Realtracks got replaced
as I added my own guitar parts. The vocals were tracked-up in PowerTracks and the whole
thing was mixed and mastered in Harrison Mixbus 32C v.5.
It might not be suitable for persons of a nervous disposition!

Around this time in the night
I get this feeling that something ain't right
There's no stars, there's no moon
Just this darkness that fills up the room
There's no sound anywhere
I can't see it but I know there's something there

I wanna move, I wanna run
I wanna reach out and pick up my gun
I wanna call, I wanna shout
I wanna scream but there's no sound comes out
It's just not safe anywhere
I don't know what it is, but I know there's something there

Every night
It's just the same
A voice from out the dark
Keeps on calling out my name

A cold sweat, I'm cold and damp
I try to hit the switch to turn on the lamp
The lamp lights, there's nothing there
Just a deafening silence that's hanging in the air
I turn off the light, it's just the same
The creature's back and it's calling out my name
There's something there and it's calling out my name

AS ever, many thanks to all those who have time to give it a listen.