My primary use of BIAB/RB as a hobby is to use BIAB as a multi track recorder and create as complex arrangements and as accurate a cover of a commercial release as I can solely within BIAB without using RB or another DAW. I use a mixture of live recording of audio, pre recorded audio, midi recorded live, pre recorded or commercial midi files or individual tracks from a midi file, loops and samples.

On occasion, I'm called to create soundtracks for school or church videos. I use the BIAB Soundtrack feature to accurately get the length correct.

On occasion, I provide specific instruments to someone's demo, recording or live recording as requested. These fall into three categories.
1. Provide an instrument someone cannot play themselves.
2. Provide and instrument someone can play but a BIAB track can play it better.
3. Provide an instrument someone can play proficiently or expertly but finds it more convenient at the moment for me to provide a BIAB instrument track that may be overdubbed at a later date.

As an song analysis tool. I run several songs per day through the ACW getting accurate tempo, key signature and chord information.

To create covers, both my arrangement or creating high quality, accurate versions.

To create demos of my originals.

To take old recordings and remix them adding BIAB tracks that are tempo matched to the original tape.
BiaB Ultra Pak+ 2020:RB 2020 Build 1. Dell Inspiron AIO Desktop; Windows-10-64 bit, 7th Generation AMD A9-9425 Processor Five Core 3100 Mhz and 16GB DDR4 Memory.