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I must be doing something wrong. Fair enough I use BAIB simply, just laying out simple music sometimes complex chords but I never experience a number of the issues I read about here. I’ve found BIAB to be extremely reliable. Ok so sometimes I don’t get what I want first go, so then I change things maybe redo parts. Mix and match RealTracks to suit or maybe generate a MIDI part so I can edit it. But that is a part of the experience.

Whenever I have had an issue it was almost invariably something I’ve done, generally through my own impatience (clicking two things at once or trying to access ASIO twice creating a barf). But I rarely have an issue with BIAB itself.

My two bobs worth.


+1 on that.
I think BIAB is trying too hard to be all things to all men.
Mostly I stick to its core concept of Arranging and creating SGU's to become my backing tracks and mostly (lol) all is well
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