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Mike - you've got me puzzled, you said above 1.1 TB HD space required to install Real Tracks and Drums alone on an external drive (BB AudiophilePAK owners)? I have BB UltraPAK which is quoted as 120 GB total on the HD 2019 Mac version which I'm expecting in the post - that's 120 GB for everything (except XtraStyles and Bonus 49-PAKS purchased separately), is there that much difference in file size between BB UltraPAK and BB AudiophilePAK?? Or have I missed something? Carl

Short answer: Yes.

The relative file sizes are mentioned on the download page but it doesn't tell you just how big the Audiophile version really is — only that it ships on HDD only. We have a download option like everyone else but it excludes the .wav files — those are on the hard drive.

Here it is:

The 2018 Audiophile takes up about 1.3TB on the hard drive. From Get Info: 1,318,871,076,864 bytes (1.32 TB on disk) to be exact.

Real Tracks and Drums are the only folders I have installed onto one of my external Thunderbolt SSDs (the rest of the app is installed onto my System drive for max efficiency). To install, one copies the folders manually, then points to the new location from within BIAB. Since I have the 2019 upgrade tracks installed there, too, it won't be the exact size of the same folders on the 2019 hard drive that hasn't yet arrived.

Interestingly, on the BIAB 2018 HDD, Real Tracks is 1,218,716,449,077 bytes (1.22 TB on disk) for 160,874 items and Drums is 67,755,800,411 bytes (67.77 GB on disk) for 10,894 items — larger than the combined folders on my external. My SSDs are formatted APFS which may explain the size difference (and I'll leave it at that).
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