Thanks for that Tim - I do have some issues trying to install BB 2019 Mac!
Installed the BB Application on my internal MacBook Pro HD - and copied the entire PGM HD content to my external HD (around £150+ Gb), then ran BB and authorized it with my new key!
In the Stylepicker menu I see the XtraStyles 1 & 2 styles but they're N/A - I don't have separate copies of those?? I have updated the styles list!!
I installed all my Bonus 49-PAKS as well as XtraStyles PAKS 3-4-5-6-7 to my external drive where I keep the 'Applications' folder! All fine, except XtraStyles PAK 7 doesn't show at all - had a 2nd go with same result - would greatly appreciate assistance from PGM, or anyone with sufficent knowhow!! Thanks, Carl