Andrew, thanks again for fixing my purchase mistake - XtraPAKS 1 & 2 for Mac successfully downloaded and installed, everything working perfectly!!

EXCEPT - I have no BB Plugin??? Before I installed BB 2019 Mac I completely uninstalled all previous BB files from my MacBook Pro's internal HD, so the new installation is 'fresh' - I have installed the latest 303, 304 & 305 updates as well (to my external HD - my previous 'Applications' folder was completely removed before copying over the same folder from the new BB 2019 PGM HD)!
I have installed and used a very large number of plugins over the years - the BB 2019 Plugin is not on my system!! Odd since it should have gone in automatically, and everything else is working great??
Could someone kindly point me to the Mac DAW Plugin Forum please - no idea where that is?? Thanks, Carl