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Having trouble with installing the packs to an external drive. Anybody able to help with that? [img:left]https://www.dropbox.com/s/c3lmfgnxapj2bjc/Screenshot%202019-09-22%2012.23.20.png?dl=0[/img]
Good luck with that. My installation error says that the BIAB app must be installed on the external or that doesn’t work.

The only folders I have there are Real Tracks and Drums—I keep those folders empty on my System drive. This way, if any update installs files into those folders, I can copy those over to the external, then I erase the contents on my boot drive so I’ll know if a later update or add-on installs files there.

My workaround is to install onto my System drive. I then copy the contents of those two folders into the RT&D folders on my external as above.

If you have the USB drive, another way is to install the packs onto it, then copy the entire contents to your external drive. I have the Audiophile version. Copying the RT & Drums folders over to my external takes a few hours (over 1TB) from a USB3 hard drive. I like the other way better.
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