Yes, I think this is another example of the Help files needing some help. MusicStudent, I think you're correct too, it's a combination of workflow and the different screens being very confusing.

In my case I'm testing a song that was an old downloaded midi style that I changed to a Real Style, then changed a couple of parts. Lots of experimentation. It's a Crooner style and I messed around with using the original Strings track for a second Crooner horn section. I then replaced that track with a Vibes soloist. Now, I replaced the Vibes track with a Strings track using this procedure including a different style for that track.

In the Midi Track Picker window I changed the Vibes to Strings then to the right selected a style that has a strings part in it. I hit OK and the mixer and instrument both changed to Strings. Good I thought but then I hit Play and it goes back to Vibes but it sounds like a Strings part. Then I manually right clicked on instrument and selected Strings and now it's ok, it's playing strings and the mixer and instrument also shows Strings.

Another strange thing, in the Picker window the From track says Horn Section. That wasn't even the original part in the original RT style, it was an RT horn section part I had added, then changed to midi Vibes and now just changed to Strings! Confusing to say the least. It seems like all my previous changes and the fact this started out as a 25 year old original Biab midi style is messing with the system too.

And, as I'm doing this my brain is going DO THIS IN REAL BAND! But, it's part of Biab so let's see what's up.


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