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Thanks so much for the back-story. I wouldn't have stood a chance...even with a really fine song.

I had some trouble streaming the demo version, but what I heard, I didn't think the "band" was better. Perhaps the only place it was was in the fiddle opening quoting the vocal melody--something not so straight-forward easy to accomplish with RT's. Besides, once the durn thing is written, every version is a cover. Peter Jackson (film director) said his films were not finished until he sent them to the studio for distribution. There's a message in that for songs, I think.

I hope if the lady is not a star that she is still making a good living without the hazards of fame and the road. But truth be told, I thought your voice carried the song "better".

If you'll forgive me, I do have a couple of crits. First--I am not taken with the line "teach you wrong from right". Besides it being in reverse order to the way I've always heard the phrase, there is some loss of meaning in subtext, as well as hearing "teach you wrong" before the phrase is completed. Second, I think it was unnecessary to embellish the melody in the chorus with those added "up" notes at the end of certain phrases: "heart", "start", "know". Maybe you were aiming to not "resolve too often".

Of course, both of those 'crits' may be assuming you didn't carefully construct things that way. And if you did, you're right and I'm wrong.

Anyway, a fine way to spend some time this evening listening to FJ and Janice. Thanks.

Tangmo - thanks for this interesting review. Like the fact that I hadn't considered the point that David made about "proud", it had never occurred to me that there was anything wrong with "teach you wrong from right" - even as I wrote it. Nor did Danny or Bucky bring it up as needing "fixed". I can see your point, but not enough to feel that it might need to be changed...that might change from singer to singer, though. Your point about the melody choices for those words - well, that is just the way I write melody - it was not some trying-to-get-cute intention...seems pretty natural to me. We all hear things differently, of course. Thanks for the thinking points...