Thanks Robbo, that definitely clears things up for me. It sounds like you're dealing with a few issues here. Firstly, the issue you described where the plugin opens songs with the original style tracks (and not substituted tracks) is an issue that we are aware of and has nothing to do with setting folder paths. At this time, the plugin is not capable of loading substituted tracks. When you open a song in the plugin, it takes the name of the style, sends that to bbm4, and bbm4 returns the default tracks for that style. So even if you have substituted those tracks and saved that in a file, it will not be read by the plugin. We are working on correcting this issue though.

Seeing N/A on the tracks in the plugin also has nothing to do with the folder paths. That issue is tied to the fact that you are constantly needing to rebuild the picker. That points to an issue with bbm4 itself not saving the picker list when updating. The same goes for the issue with bbm4 telling you its not activated. In order to activate the plugin, bbm4, and the main app, you have to register it in the main Band-in-a-Box app ( If you receive that message, the best thing to do is:
1. Close the plugin
2. Open the Band-in-a-Box app
3. Activate Band-in-a-Box
4. Open the plugin and should not show that message (you can also close Band-in-a-Box)

If you follow those steps and you are still seeing that message then there is a bug in bbm4 that you should report here on the forum. Hope this helps!