Daniel must be pleased to have a full production of his song. It is the type song best presented that way.

The arrangement is good. The choice of resonator and fiddle fits the tone of the song. (A bit like the Tyminski record). Your guitar solo is good and the following dobro solo works with that well - a good match there. Daniel's vocal is cool.

The acoustic guitars are too loud and far too bright. They dominate the mix all the way through and quickly become irritating to the ears. That high EQ is piercing. They distract from the vocal (the vocal seems like it needs to be a bit louder, but I think that may be because of the acoustics swamping it).
They might work (with that brightness) if you pull them back (a bunch) so that they are "just audible" - so that they are at a level where you have to really pay attention to catch them - and sat "under the mix" instead of so much on top of the mix.

It's a cool song. Nice of you to do this for a friend.