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Hi Jim,

I wonder if it's the BIAB audio driver that's causing the problem.

I've found that sometimes ASIO and WAS drivers will not play BIAB audio if other computer software has control of the card and vice-a-versa.

To check this, go to "Audio | Audio Drivers/Settings" and set the "Audio Driver Type" (top right corner) to MME.

Does this help?


If this winds up being the problem, it's the reason I left my motherboard audio enabled (RealTek). I point Windows at the RealTek audio i/f and BiaB at my PreSonus AudioBox's ASIO driver.

I don't have $1K for an RME (or other) i/f with a solid multi-client ASIO driver, so that's the way I have to roll.

I'm assuming that you installed all of the RealTracks from the BiaB hard drive onto your PC's hard drive, because songs using RealTracks can't play if they're not there.

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