My Santa Man

After a remix with new fx and mastering of Santa Man (for a Songtradr submission) and since it’s obviously smile a Christmas tune we thought we’d do a rare repost from three years ago. In the spirit of the Holidays perhaps you can forgive us for that!

So here’s version 2.0 of a little two minute Christmas ditty….

Happy Holidays and thank y’all very much for your time to listen to our songs and comment over the past year. We appreciate you!


For the tech folks...

Janice vocal: Rodes NT1 mic > Scarlett interface > Nectar 2

Drums: RD Blues Rock > Waves CLA Drums
Doubled snare: from above kit RD file > Waves CLA Drums

Bass: RT 2426 Rockabilly > Waves Bass Rider > Neutron 2

Guitar Rhythm: RT 1854 Country Boogie > Waves Unplugged

Piano Rhythm: Midi Super Track 1799 Southern Rock > Logic Pro Grand Steinway sound > Waves CLA Unplugged / comped from multiple generations

Harmonica: RT 423 Blues > Logic Pro Overdrive sim > EMT 140 Reverb sim / comped from multiple generations

DAW: Logic Pro X
Mastering: Logic Pro EQ > Waves LinMB > Ozone Imager > Ozone Limiter > Ozone Tonal Balance

Santa Man
© 2016-2019 J. Merritt & B. Merritt

my santa man don’t hang with them elves
no he don’t hang with them little bitty elves
we take care of business all by ourselves

he don’t come crawling down my chimney
no he don’t go crawling down my chimney
he walks in the door looking so fine to me

he don’t have to land a sled up on my roof
he don’t have to park no sled on my roof
he’s my santa man, i don’t need no proof

i don’t need my gifts waiting under a tree
yeah, i don’t need no gifts under a tree
my santa man, he brings it straight to me
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