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Currently I’m unaware of any protocol that would allow a plugin to retrieve the tempo map that is set in the DAW. Plugins are intended to be “live” (ie processing MIDI or audio in real time) so they don’t get much access to things while they are stopped.

There’d be a (slightly awkward) way of doing it, by exporting a MIDI file from the DAW and then dragging that midi file onto the plugin, where the plugin could then read tempos and time sigs from the MIDI file. That’s not implemented yet for the plugin, its something we’re planning.

Without ARA the audio plugins are listening to the live audio stream for analysis. If the plugin could listen to the MIDI stream it should be able to derive the tempo map from MIDI the clock. As the plugin is an instrument it could be placed on a dedicated MIDI track in every DAW.

It could be required to play the complete length of the song once to get the tempo map into the plugin, but without the need of exporting or importing MIDI files. Maybe the plugin could gather the data even if the DAW is rendering the track offline.


PS: Dragging MIDI files into the plugin would be great for adding the soloist to the plugin.
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