Hi all, this is my first post and I would like to share the email I sent to the developers – hopefully. If anyone can solve this I would appreciate it very much. Thanks.

To whom it may concern,

I cannot say enough good things about the great 'Band in a Box.' I hope to work with it for many more years. However, I do have one caveat concerning the INPUT OF CHORDS.

I fully understand the correct theory of naming chords (sharps and flats), according to their key signature.

As a jazz musician, this is unmanageable. There are very few scores that stay strictly within a key signature. Most tunes are outside of the key-within the music. My sensibility stems from the ever-changing cycles in jazz songs and other modern genres. If I write Ab, it’s frustrating to see G#; and when I type F#, it's unsettling seeing Gb instead. My worthy constituents solemnly agree.

If there is a way to keep the same chords as I type them in, please let me know. If not, can you kindly address this issue and perhaps provide a patch to correct it. I would appreciate your consideration in this matter, and I thank you in advance, for a thoughtful reply.

Frank Mileti