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About the Slow Build. The only difference I can find is that Slow finds non-PG Music styles as well. I don’t think there is much difference in execution speed, and I think it would eliminate confusion to just get rid of Fast Build and call Slow Build “Reindex”. I have also pitched the idea of running it automatically as part of each update, based on this kind of question that invariably occurs.

On my machine, Slow Build takes a lot longer to execute. But I do it occasionally because I create lots of variations on existing Styles.

I like the idea of the Fast Build auto-running during the update process. Makes perfect sense to me. I wonder why that's not already happening.

I still wonder why fast build (tried it three times) did not show Xtra Pak 9, and why the first slow rebuild did not help, but the second slow rebuild (with Xtra Pak 9 in the filter) solved the problem.

And I still have 5 of my Style variations listed as Xtra Pak 9, although I created them long before I bought Xtra Pak 9.

Mysterious to this old mind. But not sure it actually matters.
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