Well!!! Wow :-) Let me breathe and jot down a few thoughts :-)

1. The lyrics are stunning.

2. You've captured just the right style, tempo, melody line, etc., to bring them out. This could really be an anthem for our generation, today's generation.

Dreaming and imagination is the most important thing, I think, for anyone to have - if only because it allows us to "see things in advance" (to give an example of what I mean: a person who can dream/imagine says "Oh, I see a fire ... I won't put my hand in it, my imagination says I might burn myself!"; whereas a person who cannot dream/imagine says "Oh, I see a fire ... let me put my hand in it and see if I burn myself!". The person who can dream/imagine can therefore avoid consequences of bad acts in advance, by imagining what might happen - the person who cannot dream/imagine needs to put their hand in the fire first, so to speak, and only then - in retrospect - realise that it does burn ... once their hand is already burnt. Hope this makes sense!). The ability and capability to dream/imagine is therefore a survival tool, but it also allows us (as the lyrics state) to enrich our lives (and souls) beyond measure.

You've nailed the song, once more. As I said: an anthem, one that - for me - ought to be blasted from the rooftops, in support of those of us that do dream :-) Well done!!!
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