Thanks, Jim - it's starting to sink in that there's nothing magic about the template types from PG Music :-) It's pretty cool that they made use of sgu files and other familiar tools, and I've read thru several of the UserTrack guides/posts to understand how chord transitions etc. "may" work to provide more natural transitions between chords if that material is present. So perhaps soon I'll take the plunge, but it still sounds like results is mixed at best in comparison to the PG-sanctioned RealTracks.

Thanks for the repository link. Do you know of any links to Seeker's user tracks?

Also a comment on this:
Originally Posted By: Jim Fogle
A UserTracks depository is +++ HERE +++

In my opinion the larger issue is it is difficult to create great, but generic, riffs on demand. Matt even mentioned that certain chord progressions would not be much fun to play. I'm sure he's right! That's why "A" list session musicians get paid the bucks.

Here again it's my opinion but I believe when most people want a UserTracks they are thinking of how they would use a specific instrument to play a specific part in a song. What they are not thinking of is a bunch of audio that can be used over a song collection.

The appeal of Biab for me is the wide variety of generic rhythm/background RealTracks. Due to the genres I work in, Oliver Gannon's guitar tracks are very useful as a foundation (along with bass and drums) so that I can add my own keys, vocals, and other incidental parts. The jury is still out for me as far as whether I'll use solo RealTracks very much - on one hand I'm surprised at how good some of them work. But I would never expect they would be exactly complimentary with a vocal or other melody part the way a real player could interact with those elements - quoting, counterpoint, etc. I'm not very impressed with the horn ensemble RealTracks - they are pretty bland. (Some of the string ensembles are working pretty well - and the "Medley" feature is nice for getting simultaneous playback without the choppiness of chord changes.) So I can't quite picture how specific part UserTracks would work - versus an artist track or a specifically conceived part played by a real player. (Perhaps commissioned on Fiver <g>)

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