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Usually, when I write tunes like this, the listener knows who I'm talking about..... So, who were you talking about?

I like the darkness and the rebelliousness in it. At one point there towards the end, I thought the Sax was a bit too "happy" sounding for the song. If you know what I mean. Of course, me being me, I would have crunched down a bit harder with the guitars.... but that's just me.

I liked it.

Hi Herb, specifically?....for some reason the image for me was an American politician allegedly involved with the Standard Hotel.

Yes I know what you mean about the Sax, I thought it was a bit "cheeky" - I can imagine the sax player giving a wink as he plays it :-) no doubt wearing a hat at a jaunty angle!

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I liked this one as well (having just listened to “There’s Something Going On”. Your vocal is just fine for this song—actually fits the sounds and vibe quite well. Like the added heaviness musically in that bridge; and great sax work here. Good stuff!

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Thanks Deej, the vocal does settle down as it progresses, and listening to it again now, I think I was overly concerned as it's quite a put on voice. Yes the sax player is great - bit cheeky but he's a big hit with the ladies :-)

I love BIAB!

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