Hello Steve,
You are aware that there's a ying n yang thing to forums like this aren't you?
The arrangement is good but it's not very dynamic.
This is exacerbated by the sameness of the vocal delivery across the song.
It's a long song when the dynamics don't provide a lift or relief.
You could, easily insert a key change/modulation in BIAB to assist with that.
You could do some double tracking or some backing vocals to give the vocal some ooomph.
Additionally a little pitch adjustment would help in a few spots.
I can't sing at all and have to rely on ReaTune to get me within coo-ee of the desired note.
Good song, in need of a little cosmetic surgery I'd say.
Oh, the ying n yang thing...you'll come to folk's attention if they read your words related to their posts.
"What's so funny about peace, love & understanding?" - N.Lowe