Having recently read the superb book by Adam Nicolson (The Seabird's Cry), which explores the lives of 10 of our different seabirds, I collected together images to accompany my piece of music which I entitled the same and posted it on YouTube (see link below)and released through Distrokid.
I recorded the piece using Cakewalk using the following RealTracks from BIAB:
BASS: 683 - Electric Pop Half-note push
DRUMS: A combination of '=Prayer& Worship Shine'; Country Even 16 (Brushes & Snare)'; Metal Slow Big Toms Groove'
AC. GUITAR: 385 Acoustic Finger Picking (one hard L and one hard R)
AC. GUITAR: 634 Ac Strumming
ELEC GUITAR: 634 Rhythm
ELEC GUITAR: 512 Solo Dire Ev (Bluesy)
MARRIMBA: Dimension Pro VST
PIANO - American Grey: Analog Lab 4 VST
PIANO - Standard Grand Tight : Addictive Keys VST
CHORAL - Choir Long: Spitfire Audio Labs VST
STRINGS: Dimension Pro VST
FLUTES: Amadeus Symphony Orch VST

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSw-_vpOfsU

Many thanks for your time, Mark Rogers