Eddie, kind of / sort of.

In RealBand look at Edit > MIDI > Replace ...

Per RealBand Help:
This command will search for any type of event you specify and replace the events that RealBand finds with new ones. As with other commands, the replace command affects only the marked area of all selected tracks.

RealBand will prompt you for the type of event to search for followed by the search ranges. Next, you will be prompted for: 1) the type of event with which to replace the found events, and 2) the replacement ranges.

Pressing Esc at any time will take you back to the previous step. RealBand will change the events that match the search criteria to the kind of event you specified as the replacement event type (assuming you didn't select the same replacement type as the search type). In addition, RealBand will re-map the values of these events from the search ranges to fall within the replacement ranges. Note: This command is for MIDI tracks only. This command has no effect on audio tracks.

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