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Robert & Scott,

"Folk Rock" is a perfect description - you captured both sides of that well.

A interesting story and you told it well.

Scott's guitar is very nice - might be my favorite of his - loved the tone. nicely played and fit well.

Good vocal and harmonies.

The change up at the end was effective. And a cool ending.


Thanks Floyd! I agree Scott does a great job of embellishing the song with taste...my tastes are a little off beat, but he always gets into the spirit (the secret of our longevity?)

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Wow, this is really good, guys smile

Nice arrangement and mix, good vocals and Scott is right in the pocket with his contributions.

A really interesting story very well told, I checked him out on Wikipedia after listening.

I've always been a fan of your collaborations, and this is right up there with your best I think, well done.

I`m glad you found the subject interesting ( took some liberties with details which seemed fair game for a story told many times but with very little in the archives available to check).
Thanks for your thumbs up!

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This reminds me of a kind of sea shanty. Good story. Well sung and produced. Scott’s guitars adds some perfect touches. I enjoyed it a lot, Tom

Thank you for listening, Tom!

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Sounds great guys!

Thank you!

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Interesting straightforward story, I enjoyed the lively singing and the backing vocals as well, kind of lighter version of Nick Cave. The band fits perfectly with the mood, I couldn't imagine this song without Scott's trademark playing. Spirit Level is very welded together.


Now there`s a guy drawn to the dark side ( I came across Mr Cave on a Thai beach long ago).
I appreciate your listen and comments.