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Robert & Scott

Enjoyed that - well written and played. The history of Pitcairn is certainly interesting, recall reading about some issues there a few years ago.

Really well done as always.


Thanks Peter!

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I was more than a little obsessed with Pitcairn as a teen. Various versions of Mutiny and its ties with Australia strengthened it.
You've essayed a particularly interesting part of it's history.
I'd relabel it psych folk rock.
The fate of Pitcairn after 2000 has been mired by the worst offences of men.

That`s a label I like (options are limited on Soundcloud).
I think those awful offences on Pitcairn go back before 2000; its gut-turning reading and one reason I chose the best of the mutineers to lift up in song!

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My second favorite by Spirit Level hands down.
Really well done musically. Excellent drive. Great story! Robert & Scott this is good music.
Listened several times, the only thing that I thought was strange, it started a bit abruptly, but I guess this is how you wanted. If it was mine, I would probably add a few seconds of seabird sounds up front for intro. Enjoyed it very much. Thank you for sharing.


I`m glad you didn`t object to my use of the rusty spoon and happy you liked the music.
That`s a valid comment about the abrupt opening; yes, maybe some waves crashing & boat
creaks would be a better start.