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Alan, this made me imagine a slow-speed video capture of that butterfly's flight. I really liked the stops you put in the arrangement. You have a great deal of insight regarding the possibilities of the BIAB styles--you "distilled" the best part of the style--excellent "engineering"! Loved it!

Hi Tano ...

This is one of my favorites reviews/comments I've received in quite some time. You expressed, in your comments, exactly what I was hoping to get across with the music. As I was putting it together, I actually had the same image in my head of the butterfly making a slow-motion descent onto my shoulder and then, moments later, departing in the same manner. It left me with a certain feeling of innocence that's been stolen or abandoned, for a large part, in our modern society. It's very gratifying to know my efforts, apparently, projected the hoped-for result.

Distilled engineering ... a unique and wonderful compliment. Thank you very much!!!

Wishing you the very best. Please be safe ...

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