Will RB remember the style?
Not that I am aware of.

One suggestion for new feature would be that it include the style in the Track name.
The generated RealTracks get named with a name that includes the RT used.
Maybe generated MIDI tracks should have the track name tell you the style that was used.
Might be a nice way to go.
Never paid attention before that the naming convention was different.

The Generate MIDI Solo, MIDI Supertrack and Harmony features all add recently used info in the Favorites option, maybe this would be good for general MIDI tracks also (?)
It narrows down what you have used recently at least.

There is also the option (aka workaround) to edit the track name and add the style if you want, or like I used to do when I was more MIDI oriented, use the Comments window for project notes. Like which synth/patch a given track was routed to originally.

TBH, when recording raw audio tracks I usually go in and give the track a name so I know in the future WHO recorded the track and how.
Example - Lee GTR Tele Patch 17 on whatever FX unit he used. Much better than 'Stereo Audio'.
Its the old school guys with the dozen analog pedals on a board that ruin this theory though. <grin>
In that case we take pictures of the settings.

Like the bass player's dials on his bass, and the amp dial settings .. can save time in the long run.
Sometimes documenting things seems a pain but is usually worth it, especially if revisiting years later.
Most pro recording guys I know make lots of notes .. mic placement, which mics, which equipment ..
Even a screenshot can be valuable info.
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