Back Burner Man

In 1967 I (Bud) listened to Cream's Disraeli Gears when it hit the stores - it quickly steered me from my more psychedelia playlist!  I was particularly struck by Outside Woman Blues (one of my early entries into blues rock). The notion of a man keeping an "outside woman” has shown up several times over the years in blues songs. 

So Janice and I thought it was high time for the woman to have her say smile resulting in this “response” song. 

Channeling Cream is obviously out of the question! But we do hope to have established a few hints. Jack Bruce often had a bit of an over driven bass sound so at Peter’s suggestion we processed the bass RT with some overdrive, tape sat and vintage compression.  Peter also altered some of the bass notes to better fit the progression (that includes the infamous “Hendrix chord”).

Finally (yea) and FWIW the mix and mastering is influenced by the Disraeli Gears sound, i.e., heavy snare, the processed bass, the guitar FX, a bit more compression throughout, etc. 

A big thanks to PG Music and Peter.

Comments are welcomed and we appreciate your time. Be safe.

Janice: Arrangement, melody, lead vocal/harmony and counter point lead/harmony

Peter: All guitar tracks - solos, fills, turnarounds and rhythm

Bud: Lyric, arrangement, SC photo and the tech stuff.

Bass: RT 572 Electric Blues BB

Drums: RD BluesRockSlowEv^4-a:Snare, b:Snare, HiHat

Drums (tag): Nashville 8ths and added cymbal swell sample

Snare double: Logic Pro X Drummer

Track effects: Nectar 2, Waves CLA Vocals, Waves CLA Drums, Neutron 3 and Waves Bass Rider

Mastering: Logic Pro X EQ > Ozone 9 Dynamics > Ozone 9 Imager > Ozone 9 Maximizer > Izotope Tonal Balance 2 > Izotope Loudness Meter

Equipment: Rodes NT1 mic and Scarlett 212 interface

Edit (10/02/2020): From Peter: Just a quick note on the guitar - used a Line 6 Variax -(the Les Paul was in the other room and it was all hooked up to the Helix). Also a Line 6 Helix amp simulator, chose a Marshall Amp - rolled off the treble on the guitar - turned up the amp - instant Woman Tone - as per Clapton's instructions on the Goodbye Cream video, played one note - instantly sounded like Strange Brew (Dave almost impossible not to sound like it!) and took it from there.

DAW: Logic Pro X

Arranged in BiaB via multiple SGU movement to and from Australia. smile