Tano: " The middle part with the organ called to mind a weakness that I see in BIAB—I wish there was a way to generate interesting drum solo’s, esp in a section like this one."

Yes, the best I could do was to generate 3 versions of the drum part and cut and paste the best bits. Another 'problem' with the Surf Toms is that the part A had a lot of hiss in it. Whether this is distortion or sympathetic resonance from the snare or cymbals I can't say but it did mean that the piece has less drum variation than it might have had as I just used part B for the whole song. I just got a bit of variation by adding plenty of bar markers. I tried writing a drum part in Logic Drummer but couldn't get anything to match that relentless tom sound. The tempo was dictated by the BIAB real style so yes, whoever played the drums did play at that tempo!
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