Hi biab's members,
Today I am submitting a movie soundtrack composition. I show that with Biab, I can arrive at different sound spaces than those that we usually meet on this musical platform.
In this style, the chord grid helped me a lot. For the musical ornament, I did not find many midi files apart from the strings. There are layers but we have to rework them in the pianoroll a lot to integrate them. Fortunately, orchestral vsts are present on the market. In this composition, I downloaded several midi piano rhythms and reworked them according to the melody. The drums are integrated at their simplest expression. In my daw studio one, I often asked the vst Biab to experiment with musical phrases with different instruments. Biab is an excellent tool, very flexible and a source of inspiration.
Here I submit this composition to you, hoping you like it. I point out that I used the projectsam vst a lot to make this soundtrack.
If you have the time or the inclination, thank you for giving me a constructive comment so that I can continue to improve.

Thank you in advance to all the advisor members of this nice musical platform.

The soundtrack "I dream of you"

My others soundtracks


Kindly regard

alias JaniJackFlash

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