I found a music-only composition on another forum and asked the composer, Petri Hellemaa of Finland, if I could write lyrics for it.
This is the result. When your lyric message comes together and it somehow delivers multiple layers of meaning--well, that is really cool!
My vocal was recorded in RealBand.

"Gift of Your Love"

Interested in your feedback!

Oh, I don't know why you turned aside and walked away
When life with me could have been so good for you.
Great love needs a lot of faith and hope;
Even when the one you love has
Let their heart go cold.

Oh, I know that you will come someday and let me love you
Waiting just for the day that you'll return;
Yes, this love's nothing less than endless love;
Even for the one you love who's
Let their heart go cold.

And this love's a treasure, you will learn;
You'll stop, then turn; and
There's no need to come on bended knee--
Your love is your gift for me.