The one thing that truly hurts BIAB, in my opinion, is the fact that you can't really do any kind of push changes. I mean, TECHNICALLY you can, but to me they generally sound like a bit of a train-wreck.
So even just a simple change on the "+" of 2 (extremely common), doesn't work well.
One issue is that it treats every push like a hit, so there's always a cymbal crash or some other accent in there, and sometimes - most times - it's just a chord change. So what if you started by adding a "hit" option to the pushes. "Hit" box not checked? Relax, drummer. That way you can at least define which ones are accents and which are just changes. That would be a start.
And there are already plenty of styles that already have off-beat accents built in (accenting 1, 2+, 4). Yet when I set those to push, it does holds instead of just inserting the changes where the accents already exist (I hope that made sense). Several of the Latin styles already build these pushes into their changes, and it's great. But I don't get to do a lot of Latin music...

Then, maybe, you could modify the recording patterns to add 1/9th note and 1/16th note pick-ups into the track itself. Much like the way there are hits and holds built in to the track already. I know you can't go back and fix the existing tracks, but from here forward...?

Honestly, pushes are the biggest issue preventing BIAB from being the ultimate system. Can we fix this please?

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