Re Peter Gannon’s posting “Here’s a no-brainer ....install Cakewalk and the TTS-1 64 bit (free)”

I have a two questions:

1) I run BB from the hard drive it came on. Peter advises that Cakewalk should be installed inside Band-in-a-Box 64, which in my case would on the BB hard drive. However, the downloaded version of Cakewalk installs itself on my C-drive, without offering an option to install it somewhere else. Is there a solution for this?

2) Presently I am using a Roland SD-50 to produce my non-MIDI sounds, with which I am quite happy, but I would indeed prefer “Great sound with Band-in-a-Box - likely better than any MIDI sound you’ve heard before with Band-in-a-Box” for my non MIDI-sounds. Could TTS-1 work alongside my SD-50?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Tonnie van der Heide
Bergen, Norway