Yes, the Notation issue is a known problem. It worked properly in the pre-release version of Big Sur, but not on the official release (which we don't get in advance - we get it the same day you do).

Originally Posted By: Bob P
I installed this successfully on the new MacBook Pro with M1 chip but it won't open again after the initial install. Should I assume that the M1 chip isn't supported yet?

The M1 chip is not officially supported yet, but from our testing Rosetta 2 typically works well - we have one of the ARM Mac Mini's in the office.

If you don't mind, would you be able to email some files to us so we can try and find a better fix? If you go to to Applications/Band-in-a-Box/Preferences, please attach those to an email and send them to for our developers to analyze. Then, to solve the crash issue, delete the contents of the Preferences folder (after emailing the files to us) and try running BIAB again.
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