Anytime you are selling used equipment you are going to take a massive hit on the return vs what you paid for it. However, sometimes, that is an acceptable loss. We've all done it.

Yeah.... selling unused gear frees up room and puts a few dollars in your hand that you can use on other gear you might have been eyeing. The downside is that, depending on your age, and financial situation, you may come to regret selling it 20 years from now.... mostly out of nostalgia. I've regretted selling a number of things through the years. Not all, but a few things I wish I still had. That "The Paul" Gibson with the super distortion pickups comes to mind and an old amp. I don't recall the name of it but it was a funky old sweet sounding combo amp..... at the time, it simply didn't have the volume I was needing. Good riddance to the Ampeg combo I had... that was underpowered and overweight. I'm comtemplating selling a few things too but I don't need the cash so I set and it sits and collects dust. I reckon I should unplug it and at least box it back up.... yep, I tend to save the boxes for the gear. That's what attics are for. It's a POD2 and since I got it at a really good price and have the footpedal, I can probably double my money since it's almost an antique now.

Edit: you asked about reselling to a few places..

GC gives you about 30 cents on the dollar of current street value. It's almost not worth the trip. Better to find someone who could use it and donate it to them.

Craigslist is fraught with pitfalls. Scammers, criminals, and lowballers. Worst is the ones who say they want it and you never hear back. Selling there is ok if you conduct business in a safe location and be careful. (Police station parking lots)

Ebay.... probably the best place to try selling gear. Calculate your shipping costs. Post it and set a reasonable reserve at or above the price GC would have given you on a sale to them. 50 to 60 percent of the street value. You never know how it will turn out. At worst, you don't get any offers or it sells at the GC street value.... OR.... it could go like a few of mine.... list it at a reasonable price, and people start a bidding war. I listed a Hot Tubes pedal by Electroharmonix that was seriously noisy and told that in the listing.... I think I started it at $30 and it ended up selling for $180 plus shipping. Or the interface I got for free..... it didn't work. I inquired into repairs and the repair was over $500. It was a really nice 16 channel interface by RME IIRC. I started the bidding at $50 and it sold for well over $500. So you never know.

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